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To enter the rodeo, you need to have a registered VHSRA number. If you do not have a number, please register here.

Before you begin, please ensure you have the VHSRA number for all entrants. We have posted our entry form instructions here (open in new window).

To enter the rodeo, Sample, please fill out the following form.

Attention VHSRA Members. Please use the number assigned to you by VHSRA as your Member number for rodeo entry.
To enter a rodeo: Click the Rodeo Schedule button, scroll to the rodeo you want to enter, and click the Rodeo Entry icon. Please note that entries are seperate for High School and Junior High School Rodeos.

To enter Team Roping events: Only one entry is required by the team. Only the Header or Roper should enter the team.  You will need your roping partners VHSRA member number. Be sure to indicate that the partner is the heeler / runner. If you do not have a  Roping partner, select the Roping event, then for your partner, enter the VHSRA member # of 11. This will load the name ** Needs a Partner. Be sure to indicate whether you need a Header or Heeler  (or Roper / Runner) partner. The VHSRA rodeo admin will assign you a partner. If you wish to be a volunteer partner please select the event named Team Roping as Ghost Partner and indicate whether you will rope as a Header or Heeler (or Roper / runner). The VHSRA rodeo admin will randomly match ghost partners with Ropers needing a partner.

Entering both rodeos for the weekend: After you submit your event selections for the Saturday rodeo, at the bottom of the page, select the Sunday rodeo to enter and complete the selections for Sunday.  If you are  paying by check, please add your total fees for both rodeos and submit your check to the rodeo secretary. If you elect to pay online using PayPal you will have to complete two transactions, one for Saturday, one for Sunday.

Rodeo Entry for Sample

Please note.
You will receive a confirmation email if your rodeo entry is successful,
within 5 minutes of your entry.

The rodeo entry date/time is closed.

Today: 2019-08-24
Entry open date: 2019-08-02
Entry close date: 2019-08-02
Entry time: 13:32 : 19:00:00 ,VHSRA

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