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Rodeo Management SystemTM

End-to-End Rodeo Management

We built the Rodeo Management System (RMS) to be 100% available online. Every aspect of RMS can be managed with your internet browser. There is no software for you to install. We manage the code, database, all system maintenance on our servers. You only need to add one simple line of code to your website and you are live!

Now with Off-line Score/Time Entry

For when your rodeo is in an internet dead spot. If you have no access to Wi-Fi and can't hotspot your phone to access the internet, now you can take RMS offline for entering scores and times then simply upload to the RMS database when you are online again. Best of all, it all happens in your web browser so no need for you touch the datafiles or use another piece of software.

Save Time

We built RMS with the intent to save you time and make the job of managing a rodeo season easier, more accurate, and more automated. Because of how we have connected the back-end relational database, there is no need to double enter data. Once it is entered, it is available to all functions that need it. No need to look up data one place and enter it in another.

Put Away the Spreadsheets

With all the built-in functions and calculations in RMS, you won’t need to track data in a spreadsheet. But you also are in full control The rodeo schedule is automatically posted. Entering results automatically calculates the payouts (based on the percentages and rules you provide to us). Once you mark the results official, they are available to display publicly with the click of a button. Official results automatically update the season standings, and so on. Update the data and the built-in formulas update the rest.

The Admin Menu

Admittedly the menu is a little bit plain looking, but behind the plain façade are power filled functions that allow the rodeo admin to update, edit, add, and handle everything the rodeo season has to offer. Manually adjust anything, but mostly it’s enter once and let the system do the math and do the presentation.

For Your Website, Organized and Consistent

When it happens automatically, it’s wonderful. Add your rodeos to the database and the schedule appears, in order, properly formatted, with Smart Features like only displaying the rodeo entry button from the beginning to the end of the open entry dates and times. Like only displaying a link to the rodeo draw after it has been generated and you click the display button. Like only displaying the link to the rodeo results page after you have marked the results official.

It’s like the system follows the rules you set. Automatic. Flexible. Powerful.

Features for Your Members

Your members will begin to appreciate the standardized way everything is laid out for them, and quickly find their way to the rodeo schedule, the rodeo draws, the rodeo results, and season standings. Beyond all the public display information, they will also find their own member portal where they can view their personal season information, rodeos and events entered/completed, edit their profile, and make payments.

The Member Area

Preparing for the Season

RMS works on a season schedule. You add each rodeo to the schedule, including details such as dates, performances, events, purses, etc. and the rodeos will appear on your website for contestants and fans to see. When the start of the online entry period begins, the Rodeo Entry link appears and contestants can click to the online entry forms. You set all event features and we off and running.

Rodeo Formats

We have added a wide array of selectable rodeo formats to the Rodeo Management System.

  • Standard
  • Long Go / Short Go
  • Long Go / Short Go Plus Average
  • 2 Go Plus Average
  • 3 Go Plus Average
  • 4 Go Plus Average

Each format is fully supported through the entire end-to-end Rodeo Management System. That means that all of the management functions from the rodeo Draw Generation Engine, stock draws, re-ride stock assignments, manual draw adjustments, judges cards, draw display, results entry, payout calculations, results display, receipts and cheques, and season standings.

The Member Database

With RMS comes a full-function member database. New members can register. If your membership requires payment, online payment can be collected. Annual membership fees due? RMS can collect. Your rodeo administration staff have full control over the database. You can edit, add, update all aspects of the database, including resetting user passwords.

Members can login in and view:

  • Rodeos and events they have entered and completed
  • Winnings
  • Outstanding fines
  • Rodeo entry payments outstanding

Online Entry System

The Online Entry System is one of the most powerful features of RMS. Besides simply capturing the entry information, it can perform a number of quality checks to ensure against data entry, duplicate entry, and non-qualified entry. Controls in the entry process include checking for valid member numbers, outstanding fines, and up-to-date membership fees for all contestants in the entry group. Entry groups can include both buddies and junior members. The entry group is used in the draw generation to place groups together in performances. After successfully submitting an entry, payment can be made immediately using our payment gateway online payment system. Payment can also be initiated from within the members portal at a later date.

Draw Generation

We could really geek out here with some elaborate math equations and description of how the draw generation takes into account the entry group priorities, their performance preferences, the max number of entrants in a performance/event, assigns stock to entrants, and does all at the click of a button. We could do that, but we did it to each other and quite frankly we bored ourselves.

The Draw Generation takes all the factors above and still produces a draw which includes random functions to make the draw fair to all and places all the contentants in either their 1st or 2nd preference. You can choose to have the draw procedure assign stock to the contentants as well as part of the random assignment.

Stock assignments are generated automatically, semi-automatically, or manually, you decide. In automatic mode, stock are randomly assigned to contestants from the pool of available stock (based on the stock contractor). This happens automatically as part of the draw generation. In Semi-Auto mode, you run the contestant draw, then at a later time, run the stock assignment. This way you can communicate with your stock contractor regarding stock requirements per event and performance. In manual mode, yup, you assign all stock to each contestant from the stock drop down list.

When stuff happens, and you need to make changes to the draw, you know the reasons, then the Admin controls allow the Rodeo Admin to make manual adjustments to all parts of the draw. Move a contestant to a different spot in the order, change stock assignments, add a late entrant. All these changes can be done without re-running the draw generation engine and changing everything.

Draw Posting Notification
Our newest feature of the Draw Generation engine, when you decide to post the draw to the website (with the click of a check box) you can also elect to have all contestants sent a notification email. Tired of phone calls into the office asking when the draw will be posted? This new feature will give them the answer to "Is the Draw Up Yet?" with a link in their email to the posted draw.

Rodeo Day, Streamlined

With a thousand things to for the rodeo staff on rodeo days, it’s comforting to know that RMS has you covered with announcer sheets, judges cards, and results entry is going to be a snap. Enter the data. RMS applies the formulas and calculates the placings and payouts. Done. You decide when to make the results appear on line for public viewing.

Better Member Service

All the data is in the database, let use it! With a couple clicks of your mouse, generate and print a receipt.

Save yourself the hassle and expense of envelopes and stamps, print payout checks for your winners at the rodeo. After all your results are finalized and marked official, simply select the option from the menu and choose the rodeo. We will give you a report to preview of all the winners by event and a consolidated list of winnings by contestant. Preview and then load your printer with your check blanks.

Put the smiles on your winners faces when you can hand them a check before they get out the door!

The Reports

We have numerous pre-built reports including lists of rodeo entrants, participants, fees, and more. Here is a list of the most used reports:

  • Rodeo Participant List Report
  • Rodeo Fees Report
  • Vet/Med Out Report
  • The Ross Report (special request)
  • Member Fines Report

Beyond the Obvious, Making it Work for You

We are quite proud of the Rodeo Management System and all it’s capabilities. We also know that not every rodeo association manages their rodeos and seasons to the same set of rules. Payout calculations are different. Qualifications for the finals rodeo are different. Some have special “All Around” standings. Our existing system has a wide range of flexible setings that accommodate a wide range of management rules.

We also get that you have your own way of doing things and we want to support it. If you think you have something special, something unique in the way you manage your rodeos, we think we can build a way to support it.

When a customer requests a new feature, such as a new report, we make it available to all customers, automatically.

Beyond the system that we have today will be the system that includes the special features and enhancements that come with every season.

Rodeo Management SystemTM

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