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Barrel Racing from Rodeo Management SystemTM

The Rodeo Management System has been delivering world class rodeo management software to rodeo associations across North America for years.

We are now looking for two Barrel Racing Associations who are interested in working with us finish off the development of a system specifically for Barrel Racing. We are at the 90% completed stage and need some expertise to help us fine tune some of the features. In addition to helping to develop a system that meets 100% of their needs, our development partners will receive deeply discounted use of the system.

Sound like you would like to be part of the project? Drop us a line and let's get started.

Our Introductory Offer includes a waiver of our standard $200 annual license fee (minimum requirement of 10 races in the season) then only $25 per Barrel Racing race event. Unlimited number of online entrants, unlimited number of participants. Our Introductory Offer is available to the next two Barrel Racing Associations to sign up to the Rodeo Management System.

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You can reach the good people at Netnotic Marketing Inc. at:

Phone: 306-371-4595
Email: galen@rodeosystem.com

Or use this form to get in touch with Netnotic Marketing about the Rodeo Management System. We will follow up with you to gather all additional information required and to answer any questions you might have.

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