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Rodeo Management SystemTM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the limits on the number of entrants?

A: There are no limits on number of entrants per rodeo or number of members in the member database.

Q: Can rodeo entrants pay their fees online?

A: Yes. All payments are processed through our online payment gateway.

Q: At one of our rodeos we have to charge special gate fees. How do we handle this?

A: Admin Fees can be set up to handle almost any situation. Per each event entered. Per entrant (once per rodeo). Per specific events. Per specific rodeo per each event entered. Per specific rodeo per entrant (once per rodeo). Per specific rodeo per specific events.

Q: Can our association member list be imported so we don't have to data enter the whole list?

A: Yes. Just send us your list electronically and we will import for you, saving hours of re-typing and data entry.

Q: Does RMS calculate the winning payouts for rodeo results?

A: Yes. Just enter the scores/times and RMS uses your payout rules to calcculate the payout amounts.

Q: We have special payout rules for some of our events and rodeo. Can RMS handle it?

A: Yes. We have a number of pre-built rodeo formats that handle most situations but we also have the flexibility to support custom payout formulas.

Q: How does Rodeo Management generate a draw for a rodeo?

A: Yes. The RMS Draw Generation EngineTM uses a complex algorithm which takes into account variables such as entry group priorities, first and second preferences, and event performance maximums. It then places the entry groups into the events according to their preferences and priority levels, with randomization within priority levels and a randomized run order for all entrants placed in all events/performances.

Q: Does Rodeo Management generate a stock draw as well?

A: Yes. The stock draw can run off a single stock contractor or multiple contractors. You can set the stock draw to run automatically right after the entrant draw or to be run seperately with the push of a button.

Q: Can the Rodeo Management System handle multiple draws on the same weekend?

A: Yes. The Draw Generation EngineTM can handle up to 3 rodeo draws simultaneously.

Q: What do I do with entrants who did not get placed by the draw?

A: Your association rules probably govern this, but within RMS you have the ability to move anyone who did not make it into the draw into a performance of your choosing. For example, you could choose to click a couple buttons and move all non-placed entants into a slack performance. Or you could move an entire entry group at once with a couple clicks from one performance to another.

Q: We charge an annual membership fee. Can the Rodeo Management System collect payment from members?

A: Yes. New memberships and membership renewals can be processed through RMS.

Q: Does the Rodeo Management System keep track of season standings?

A: Yes. When rodeo results are entered they are stored in the database. When the results are marked as official they are automatically included in the Season Standings.

Q: Our standings are based on points? Can RMS handle that?

A: We have a simple setting to use points a season standings. Just a click on a button and your standings will be based on your points system. We can display both $'s won and points in the standings or just points, based on your preference.

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