Team Roping SystemTM User Agreement

Provided by RodeoReady Ltd.


  1. Introduction
  2. License Conditions
  3. System Overview
  4. Rodeo Draw Generation
  5. Payment Acceptance
  6. Installation Script
  7. Custom Requirements
  8. Device Support
  9. Data Storage
  10. Client Responsibilities
  11. Client Requirements
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Agreements


The Team Roping SystemTM from RodeoReady Ltd. is a web-based computer application for managing professional, amateur, junior, and high school rodeos. The system is an “end-to-end” system providing both administrative applications as well as full website display of rodeo events. The system handles aspects such as member (or entrant/user) accounts, rodeo schedule display, rodeo entry, online fee payment, generation of rodeo draws, display of rodeo draws, tracking of results, display of results, calculation of standings, display of standings, calculation of payouts, plus a whole host of administrative reports and management functions. (For a complete up-to-date list of features please see the Team Roping System website.) Installation of the system on the organization website is as simple as adding a single line of code which is provided in the User Guide. The display system is designed to be compatible with various types of devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions permitting the Client to access the Team Roping SystemTM, located at The Agreement is between (herein after referred to as “the Client”) and RodeoReady Ltd. (owner of Team Roping SystemTM, herein after referred to as “RRL”) for use by the . The Team Roping SystemTM will also be referred to as "TRS" in the remainder of this document.

Team Roping System Overview

TRS is functionally divided into Administration and Public features. The Administration System includes all the functions and features used by the Client to manage the rodeo schedule, events, and entrants. The Public System includes all functions used by rodeo contestants and fans to view schedules, enter rodeos, and view draws, results and standings.

Administration System

TRS is accessed only by the login credentials which RRL will provide to the Client. It is not available to users of the Public system. The Administration Menu provides access to the following:

Public System

TRS includes all the rodeo and contestant information that is displayed on the Client website for public viewing. The display system is mobile responsive, adapting for tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. Some display properties are dependant on the display capabilities of the Client’s website which “frames” the TRS. The main components include:


Within the normal operations of the TRS, notifications are sent by emails to both users and the administration users of the system. The Client is required to provide and maintain an email address which will be the recipient of these notification messages. RRL is not responsible to maintain or support the Client’s email account.

Rodeo Draw Generation

A key component of the TRS is the generation of the rodeo draw. The rodeo draw generation process includes the use of both prioritized and randomly generated order of placement procedures such that each time a draw is generated, the placement and ordering of entrants within performances may differ. As well, other factors such as group composition, group size, and administrative variables all act to impact the final draw outcomes. The random factors ensure an unbiased draw result which is not determined by the contestants.

Payment Acceptance

All financial transactions will occur using our payment gateway online payment system. Online payments shall be accepted from competitors for annual memberships and renewals, rodeo entry fees and admin fees, fines, and additional payments. All payments accepted by RRL shall be deposited to a RRL Stripe account. To accept online payments, the Client will be required to set up a Connected Stripe account wthin the RRL platform. RRL shall charge a convenience fee of 5.5% plus $0.35 to competitors at the time of an online payment. RRL shall transfer available funds once each week (on Wednesdays) to the Client's Connected Stripe Account.

The Client is responsible for the payment of any sales taxes collected by RRL on the Client's account and forwarded by RRL to the Client. RRL shall be responsible for the payment of any sales taxes collected on RRL services.

The Client is responsible for any refunds or paybacks to competitors.

Installation Script

In order to place the TRS within the Client’s website, a line of code must be placed on a page as chosen by the Client. This code will be in the form of an iframe link to the TRS website such that the Public System will be displayed within the Client’s chosen web page.

Custom Requirements

The Client may request, at their discretion, to have custom functionality added to the system. RRL will make all reasonable effort to support customization request that will work within the framework of the TRS. Once developed, this functionality becomes part of the TRS and may be made available to other users.

Device Support

Given the rapid nature of computing device releases and the multiple operating systems, RRL cannot guarantee the proper operation of the TRS on devices which are more than 3 years old. Should the Client and/or a member/entrant attempting to access the TRS from the Client’s website, request assistance while using a device older than 3 years, RRL is under no obligation to provide them support and/or resolve their access problems.

Data Storage

All data entered into the TRS will be stored in a MySQL database on the website server. The Client will have access to their data via the TRS admin menu for the duration of their license term. The client may copy their data at any time they wish by the select-copy-paste method and/or screen shots at anytime they so desire.

Pricing & Payment Terms

As of March 1st, 2022, RMS is free to use for Rodeo Associations.

Client Requirements

The Client is responsible for all data entry and for maintaining the accuracy and completeness of all content. Any content errors or omissions are the responsibility of the Client. The Client is responsible for domain name registrations and renewals as well as all functionality of their own website, including the page on which the iframe code used to display the TRS is placed. The Client shall make changes as directed by RRL to the iframe link as required to properly execute the TRS display.

TRS Site Performance

Execution of the TRS site code and proper display of the site will be the responsibility of RRL. Any errors in the functionality of the html code, php code, javascript, and other programming code will be fixed by RRL at no expense to the Client. and

As a customer of RodeoReady Ltd. and a user of the TRS SystemTM, RRL may, at it’s discretion, post a commentary about the Client and their use of the TRS on the and/or websites. This will be used for marketing purposes.

Ownership and Intellectual Property

All data entered by the Client and rodeo entrants during the course of operating and participating in the rodeos managed by the Client will be property of the Client. All programming code, formatting code, and display code, including calculation formulas used in the Team Roping SystemTM are the property of RodeoReady Ltd., including any custom functionality requested by the Client.