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Currently Viewing: Cutting Cherokee - Cherokee OK - Sat Oct 28 to Sat Oct 28

Official Results

HS Boys Cutting

OHSRA #PlaceNameStockScore
/Time 1
Points 1Score
/Time 2
Points 2Total
H-OK-0001601Sherrerd, Max70.0006.0074.00010.0016.00
H-OK-0001212Bell, Pake73.5009.0073.5009.0018.00
H-OK-0001593Sherrerd, Drew74.00010.0073.0008.0018.00
H-OK-0001504Smith, Mason73.0008.0071.0007.0015.00
H-OK-0003615Kolb, Kaxton71.0007.0070.0006.0013.00
H-OK-0000336Smith, Gunnar63.0005.0063.0005.0010.00

HS Girls Cutting

OHSRA #PlaceNameStockScore
/Time 1
Points 1Score
/Time 2
Points 2Total
H-OK-0000811Cowan, Makenzie72.00010.0074.00010.0020.00
H-OK-0000142Cargill, Mercedes71.5009.0073.5009.0018.00
H-OK-0000993Nogueira, Lauren71.0008.0073.0008.0016.00
H-OK-0000734Carpenter (Gossen), Kya70.0007.0072.0007.0014.00
H-OK-0001515Griswold, Shay68.0005.0070.0006.0011.00
H-OK-0001966Moore, Dalli63.0004.0069.0005.009.00
H-OK-0000247Whitman, Clara69.0006.0068.0004.0010.00

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