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BC Barrel Futurity Derby Incentive 2023 Season Standings

These standings are updated up to and including Eagle View Equestrian Centre*


PlacingBCFDI #NameLocationPoints
1  BCD0100    Triplelenas High Doc, Brooke Fenton150 Mile house, BC63.00
2  BCD0101    Eyesa Cruiser, Brooke Fenton150 Mile house, BC61.00
3  BCD0134    Stolen Hot Identity, Teresa PedersenQuesnel, BC58.00
4  BCD0108    Zillas Guilty Girl, Sarah GerardSavona, BC50.00
5  BCD0152    Coronajessseekincash, Ella StevensonPrince George, BC40.00
6  BCD0151    Cowboys Jesse James, Cordy Cox, BC38.00
7  BCD0150    I spy a lotta fame, Lyla MackenzieSavona, BC33.00
8  BCD0126    MPR Frosted Magic, Sarah Gerard, 29.00
9  BCD0103    Misty Flash King, Carrie TuplinHalfmoon Bay, BC28.00
10  BCD0131    Designed Four Fame, Norma Sure150 Mile House, BC27.00
11  BCD0133    Whizzin Ta Fame, Lori RankinWilliams Lake, BC26.00
12  BCD0102    MS Storm Cloud, Lindsay InnesNanaimo, BC26.00
13  BCD0135    Zillas Shining, Coty HuculakParksville, BC19.00
14  BCD0136    RW A little Unleashed, Tosha SeitzSavona, BC19.00
15  BCD0106    RR MISS LENA, Amber VanoverschotABBOTSFORD, BC16.00
16  BCD0118    CW HANCOCK GOT A DUN, Sherry BrooksCoombs, BC15.00
17  BCD0116    OK IM A LITTLE PEPPY, Severin PedersonBlack Creek, BC13.00
18  BCD0129    Eyes Money Smart, Cheryl Stewart, 12.00
19  BCD0155    Jeopardysquickpurchs, Jessica HeikesCache Creek, BC11.00
20  BCD0128    DF Peps Playn, Samantha VadeboncoeurCourtenay, BC10.00
21  BCD0121    Blue guy lynn, Brandee Simmons, 10.00
22  BCD0145    SF Eyeaweebitfamous, Tosha Seitz, 10.00
23  BCD0149    NV Us Blazin By Ya, Dariene Andros, 10.00
24  BCD0160    MILLINIUM JEOPARDY, Gracie Antoine Cache Creek, BC10.00
25  BCD0111    Ronys Afrench Eiffel, Kallie Sailor150 Mile house, BC9.00
26  BCD0124    Six to one French, Hollie Francis, BC9.00
27  BCD0154    Too Busy Frenchen, Racheal WebsterQuesnel, BC9.00
28  BCD0158    SF Famous DFL, Simmone Fowler, 9.00
29  BCD0140    Miss Deedee Cartel, Jen HusseyCampbell River, BC8.00
30  BCD0119    Cowboys fire n fame, Brandee Simmons, 7.00
31  BCD0123    Whizn for cash is ez, Brandee SimmonsNanaimo, BC7.00
32  BCD0143    Heza smoken gun, Sandra Mulvahill, 7.00
33  BCD0113    Three Candy, Simmone Fowler150 Mile house, BC6.00
34  BCD0120    Cowboys lady Juno, Brandee Simmons, 6.00
35  BCD0142    Special twilight run, Sandra MulvahillKamloops, BC6.00
36  BCD0122    Ctr effortless war, Brandee Simmons, 5.00
37  BCD0105    Hulas War Chic, Gracie RookeChilliwack, BC2.00
38  BCD0115    Booker, Krystal CameronPrince George, BC2.00
39  BCD0147    Hula Hoopin, Sara ChristmasKamloops, BC2.00
40  BCD0161    Shockin the guys, Jessica Beckford , 1.00


PlacingBCFDI #NameLocationPoints
1  BCF0116    I Bee Locked N Loaded, Aleasha MeloshinskyArmstrong, BC87.00
2  BCF0104    SF Whiskey Fame, Joleen DowneySavona, BC60.00
3  BCF0127    GS Midnight Cowgirl, Kim MeisePrince George, BC60.00
4  BCF0106    LS French Firebug, Alisha ScoularQuesnel, BC50.00
5  BCF0121    Hulas Chic Flick, Carman PozzobonSavona, BC44.00
6  BCF0114    LITE HER UP, Reanna BalaCreston, BC37.00
7  BCF0106    Dynas Rockem Rey, Karli WilliamsSavona, BC33.00
8  BCF0118    Valiant Lullaby, Simmone Fowler, 30.00
9  BCF0124    She B ABlazinVictory, Dariene Andros, 19.00
10  BCF0103    Dusty Rds Xpresolena, Leslie Pederson, 10.00
11  BCF0113    PYC Fast Guy, Makayla LundyChilliwack, BC10.00
12  BCF0115    Signature Gold, Keely DurrellQuesnel, BC10.00
13  BCF0102    Devil’s special effort, Brandee Simmons, 10.00
14  BCF0122    SR FIXIT FRENCHGUY, Carleigh KingWilliam Lake, BC10.00
15  BCF0117    TONY TWO TONNE, Susan SheppardQualicum Beach, BC9.00
16  BCF0129    Gals last hand, Victoria Savile Williams lake, BC8.00
17  BCF0109    On The Money Rail, Lydia DhaliwalKamloops, BC7.00

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