Members Rodeo Schedule DrawsResults 2023 Standings

To be eligible to compete at the 2023 Chinook Rodeo Association Finals October 6-8, 2023

(It is the responsibility of each competitor to know your rodeo counts, if you have any questions regarding this please contact the CRA office at any time)


**IT is working on getting the rodeo count standings to reflect correctly**

Finals Events will include:

Team Roping, Tie Down Roping, Steer Wrestling, Ladies Barrel Racing, and Junior Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc, Bareback, Novice Riding, Jr. Bulls, Steer Riding, Bull Riding, Jr. Breakaway Roping, Lil Rascals, Jr. Team Roping, Ladies Breakaway Roping, Men's Ranch Broncs, Ladies Ranch Broncs


Finals Qualifications 


ALL CRA or FCA mother rodeos  count towards the combined final standings. 

Contestants are allowed to count 3 co approved (non CRA/FCA lead) rodeos towards

the standings. 



  Any rodeo coapproved by either CRA or FCA  that does not have mother

association located in its same province as the rodeo are ineligible to count

towards the standings. 




Major Events: Members are required to attend a minimum of 9 events with the following options.   

- minimum of six (5) mother rodeos; (CRA or FCA lead rodeos) 

- the other 4 events can be Mother rodeos or timed/roughstock events four (4) timed events; or  

- three (3) co-approved events from the Canadian Cowboys Association, Lakeland Rodeo Association or Wild Rose Rodeo Association. 



Optional Events: A rodeo count is not required for optional events, however contestants must have points to compete at finals.  


The top 16 in each event will be invited to the CRA Finals, Co-Sanctioned with the FCA.  When comparing the standings from CRA and FCA over the last couple years, we found that on an average there was an overlap of 5 contestants per event, this is why the Boards have decided to go top 16 in each event. 


Major Events:  

Optional Events:  

Ladies Barrel Racing  

Jr. Barrel Racing  

Tie Down Roping  

Team Roping  

Steer Wrestling 

Saddle Bronc Riding 

Bareback Riding 

Bull Riding

Lil Rascals Barrel Racing 

Ladies Breakaway Roping 

Jr. Breakaway Roping 

Jr. Team Roping 

Men’s Ranch Broncs 

Ladies Ranch Broncs 

Jr. Bull Riding

Jr. Steer Riding


What do the numbers behind the names mean?   The first number is the number of CRA leads, and the 2nd number is the number of dual approves or timed event challenges.

Standings include: November 12, November 26, March 11 March 31, April 1, High River Timed Event, May 26, May 27, Big Horn Stampede, Water Valley, Couttsgrass Rodeo, Pete Knight Days Crossfield, Hairy Hill, Gooseberry Lake, Lancer, Castor, Cloverlodge, Cadogan, Westaskawin, Dogpound, Hardisty, Killam, Lamont, Buck Lake, Cranberry Lake, Big Valley, Writing On Stone, Cardston, Consul, Kyle, Didsbury, Cochrane

Chinook Rodeo Association 2023 Season Standings

These standings are updated up to and including COCHRANE LIONS RODEO FCA Lead


PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF2515C    Broderson, AustinTURIN, AB750.00
2  CF2913C    Ferguson, TyFOREMOST, AB330.00
3  FCHS7183C    Leitch, DenverGrimshaw, AB210.00
4  FC2357    Twigg, JalenLethbridge, AB65.00

Bull Riding

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF470    Indenbosch, RileyCoaldale, AB145.00
2  FCHS7183C    Leitch, DenverGrimshaw, AB80.00

Jr. Team Roping - Header

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ2046C    Liptak, DeizelTaber, AB260.00
2  CFJ283C    Hale, GeorgiaBassano, AB90.00
3  CFJ270C    McNiven, MierDutchess, AB70.00
4  CFJ7412C    Wilms, ShayTaber, AB60.00
5  CFJ468C    Thomson, TeytanLundbreck, AB60.00
6  CFJ976C    Beasley, DylannPatricia, AB50.00
7  CFJ272C    Yule, PiperWardlow, AB30.00

Jr. Team Roping - Heeler

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ203C    Williams, RylanRaymond, AB160.00
2  CFJ2068C    Yule, CashWardlow, AB110.00
3  CFJ431C    Johnson, ColeVeteran, AB100.00
4  CFJ433C    Reimer, RickyTaber, AB60.00
5  CFJ271C    Hale, WilliamBassano, AB40.00
6  CFJ426C    Gertner, AveryClaresholm, AB40.00
7  CFJ443C    Griffith, TenleyCessford, AB30.00
8  CFJ425C    Petkus, EllieJenner, AB20.00

Junior Barrel Racing

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ283C    Hale, GeorgiaBassano, AB500.00
2  CFJ2510C    Aitken, MarissaCardston, AB320.00
3  CFJ3006C    Donald, JaydenCranbrook, BC300.00
4  CFJ7402C    Desmet, JolieStrathmore, AB285.00
5  CFJ2048C    McNiven, RenaDutchess, AB280.00
6  CFJ1931C    Ralph, RyleeRaymond, AB255.00
7  CFJ7401C    Desmet, RhysStrathmore, AB210.00
8  CFJ6940C    Smith, LucyRaymond, AB190.00
9  CFJ2009C    Keeley, Mattie *does not have rodeo count in barrelsNanton, AB150.00
10  CFJ964C    Fox, Brooke *does not have rodeo count in barrelsCardston, AB120.00
11  CFJ939C    Many Grey Horses, ChecotahCardston, AB115.00
12  CFHS8140    Taylor, Isabella *does not have rodeo count in barrelsCalgary, AB110.00
13  CF239C    Mallard, Lexis *does not have rodeo count in barrelsKimberly, BC90.00
14  CFJ1731C    Mackay, LuxxinCLARESHOLM, AB80.00
15  CFJ937C    Shade, Rhegan *does not have rodeo count in barrelsCardston, AB80.00
16  CFJ941C    Aarsby, PaigeCarstairs, AB80.00
17  CFJ7109C    Walker, HarperCarstairs, AB75.00
18  CFJ468C    Thomson, TeytanLundbreck, AB70.00
19  CFJ426C    Gertner, AveryClaresholm, AB70.00
20  FCHS7658    Cain, MollyCranbrook, BC70.00
21  CFJ423C    Rasmuson, BrookeBassano, AB60.00
22  FCHS7160    Bennett, BrooklynOkotoks, AB60.00
23  CFJ7148    Snell, BrooklynnOkotoks, AB50.00
24  CFJ7431C    Kugler, BRISTIEWheatland County, AB40.00
25  CFJ7368C    Wade, PryceSylvan Lake, AB40.00
26  CFL454C    Stokke, ChloeMaple Creek, SK30.00
27  CFL8043C    Young, JosieEmpress, SK20.00
28  CFJ1003C    Fisher, RidleyMedicine Hat, AB10.00
29  FCJ7148    Snell, BrooklynnOkotoks, AB0.00

Junior Breakaway

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ270C    McNiven, MierDutchess, AB245.00
2  CFJ53C    Day Chief, MakeishaCARDSTON, AB225.00
3  CFJ2046C    Liptak, DeizelTaber, AB220.00
4  CFJ941C    Aarsby, PaigeCarstairs, AB190.00
5  CFJ7412C    Wilms, ShayTaber, AB155.00
6  CFJ203C    Williams, RylanRaymond, AB140.00
7  CFJ237C    Broderson, Lane, 110.00
8  CFJ283C    Hale, GeorgiaBassano, AB95.00
9  CFJ426C    Gertner, AveryClaresholm, AB95.00
10  CFJ423C    Rasmuson, BrookeBassano, AB90.00
11  CF2161C    Broderson, TaylorFort Macleod, AB80.00
12  CFJ468C    Thomson, TeytanLundbreck, AB70.00
13  CFJ2009C    Keeley, Mattie *does not have rodeo count in barrelsNanton, AB60.00
14  CFJ6521C    Aarsby, HavanaCarstairs, AB60.00
15  CFJ7401C    Desmet, RhysStrathmore, AB50.00
16  CFJ964C    Fox, Brooke *does not have rodeo count in barrelsCardston, AB50.00
17  CFJ433C    Reimer, RickyTaber, AB50.00
18  FCHS8091    Evans, ColeSundre, AB50.00
19  CFJ939C    Many Grey Horses, ChecotahCardston, AB45.00
20  CFJ149C    Gordon, CruzMaple Creek, SK40.00
21  CFJ271C    Hale, WilliamBassano, AB40.00
22  CFJ425C    Petkus, EllieJenner, AB30.00
23  CFJ937C    Shade, Rhegan *does not have rodeo count in barrelsCardston, AB20.00
24  CFJ431C    Johnson, ColeVeteran, AB10.00

Junior Bulls

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  FCBBR7306    Williams, MarshallStavely, AB370.00
2  FCHS7646    Simeniuk, XavierThorsby, AB185.00
3  CFJ503C    Sippola, HunterCardston, AB140.00
4  CFJ455C    Mulvey, HaydenBrooks, AB130.00
5  FCHS7443    L'Hirondelle, NevadaSeba Beach, AB120.00
7  CFJ8080    Walkow, BrockMaple Creek, SK80.00
8  CFJ473C    Vossler, Nate, 80.00
9  CFBBR20034C    Jacklin, JestinPonoka, AB40.00

Junior Steer Riding

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J19918    Pringle, DaxtonCaroline, AB595.00
2  CFJ2327C    Robbins, LeviStrome, AB460.00
3  J6811    Pringle, HunterCaroline, AB315.00
4  CFJ6521C    Aarsby, HavanaCarstairs, AB245.00
5  CFJ449C    Young, DavisEmpress, SK195.00
6  FCJ453C    McCartney, JoshSundre, AB195.00
7  CFJ6829C    Cavan, BeauCypress County, AB190.00
8  CFJ271C    Hale, WilliamBassano, AB140.00
9  CFJ940C    Walker, SloanCarstairs , AB140.00
10  CFJ3186C    Gardner, Grayson, AB90.00
11  FCJ2327C    Robbins, LeviStrome, AB70.00
12  CFJ455C    Mulvey, HaydenBrooks, AB60.00
13  FCJ2189C    Richards, Colt Crossfield, AB40.00
14  FCJ940C    Walker, SloanCarstairs , AB40.00
15  CFJ6846C    Whitney, StetsonCOCHRANE, AB30.00
16  CFJ448C    Belisle, ColtSeven Persons, AB25.00
17  CFJ460C    Bauman, AustinBrooks, AB25.00
18  CFJ444C    Crowchief, TageStandoff, AB10.00
19  CFJ6856C    Lomheim, JaceHughenden, AB0.00

Ladies Barrel Racing

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF210C    Vogt, BrandyCranbrook, BC355.00
2  FCL1260    Laforce, NicoleHigh Level, AB340.00
3  CF1639C    Campbell, LeahMillarville , AB320.00
4  CF9601C    Wilkinson, TaraArrowwood, AB320.00
5  G1000C    Bruhn, TwyllaWheatland County, AB288.00
6  CF437C    Tateson Douglas, DelaneyTilley, AB280.00
7  CF3163C    Kubas, LyndsayNanton, AB230.00
8  CF211C    Goodwin, Bobbie *does not qualify for finalsCranbrook, BC220.00
9  CF1779C    Crowe, Amanda *does not have rodeo count, AB185.00
10  FCL1327C    Giles, TaylorRockyview County, AB180.00
11  CF204C    Monti, Amber *does not have rodeo countRaymond, AB160.00
12  CF274C    Maynes, BarbOlds, AB150.00
13  CF2012C    Meyer, CarlieBlack Diamond, AB120.00
14  CF978C    Beierbach, Kate *does not have rodeo countMaple Creek, SK110.00
15  FCL7267    Ring, BeckyRockyview County, AB80.00
16  CF3586C    Cooper, Lindsay *does not have rodeo countCochrane, AB70.00
17  CF471C    Thomson, Waci *does not have rodeo countLundbreck, AB70.00
18  CF7411C    Borsy, Kasha *does not have rodeo count in BarrelsHigh River, AB60.00
19  CF507C    Jones, LeahHigh River , AB60.00
20  FCL4043C    Chapman, Ashley Airdrie, AB55.00
21  CF1921C    Allison, KristinaGem, AB50.00
22  CFL8141    Marie, AlyshaCalgary, AB50.00
23  FCL20011C    Couture, Sophie *does not have rodeo countMadden, AB50.00
24  FCL19876C    Watson, Tiffany *does not have rodeo countPincher Creek, AB50.00
25  CFL7187C    Roy, Jaimie-LynnFoothills, AB40.00
26  FCL7533    Statham, KendaCranbrook, AB40.00
27  CF7023C    Pighin, BriannaCranbrook, BC35.00
28  CF6627C    Powelson, TaliaWelling, AB30.00
29  G3099C    Goodine, JudyCarbon, AB30.00
30  CF503C    Freeman, Ryan, 30.00
31  FCL3100C    Wright, MadisonLethbridge, AB30.00
32  CF5568C    Lovell, DanaCypress Country, AB23.00
34  CF623C    Bezjack, CaseyBowden, AB20.00
35  CF2513C    Marshall, TrinaCypress County, AB10.00
36  FCL3107C    Francisco, CarmenWater Valley, AB10.00

Ladies Breakaway Roping

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF8011C    Kielstra, ChrissyBURDETT, AB270.00
2  CFJ7806C    Nelson, JadeHigh River, AB240.00
3  FCL3100C    Wright, MadisonLethbridge, AB240.00
4  FCHS7220    Levangie, MadisonRed Deer County, AB235.00
5  CF6706C    Lyons, MaggieCochrane, AB230.00
6  FCL19872C    Carlson, DawnAirdrie, AB190.00
7  CF2285C    McInenly, TynellVulcan , AB175.00
8  CF19987C    Bews, Maddie Longview, AB160.00
9  FC7609C    McCormack, KirstyAirdrie, AB160.00
10  CF5562C    Beierbach, SaraMaple Creek, SK130.00
11  FC7229    Lockhart, JackyClaresholm, AB130.00
12  CF9124C    Shade, RavenCardston, AB120.00
13  CF8115C    Thomson, BranaMAPLE CREEK, SK115.00
14  CF7411C    Borsy, Kasha *does not have rodeo count in BarrelsHigh River, AB80.00
15  CF275C    Dame, KaileeDuchess, AB80.00
16  FCHS7378    Brink, TeaganCochrane, AB80.00
17  CF8042C    Munro, Aurea *not attending finalsStrathmore, AB70.00
18  CFJ6932    Hyde, JillianBowden, AB60.00
19  CF238C    Hollingsworth, KendylForemost, AB60.00
20  CFJ53C    Day Chief, MakeishaCARDSTON, AB50.00
21  CFL7187C    Roy, Jaimie-LynnFoothills, AB50.00
22  FC7341C    Swanby, RileyCrossfield AB , AB50.00
23  CFJ2003C    Fitzpatrick, MargoHigh River, AB40.00
24  CF6627C    Powelson, TaliaWelling, AB35.00
25  CF19988C    Bews, KatieLongview, AB35.00
26  CF2513C    Marshall, TrinaCypress County, AB20.00
27  CF9038C    Morash, LaurieBassano , AB20.00
28  CFJ2018C    Westrop, ElleLethridge, AB20.00
29  CF947C    Cooper, Tylee Taber, AB10.00
30  CF2372C    Malone, RhysRockyview, AB10.00

Ladies Ranch Broncs

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF5741C    Gaehring, BlueCOUTTS, AB80.00
2  CF5078C    Bedard, BlayneLinden, AB80.00
3  RB7799    Quiring , Shae-lynn , 80.00
4  10077133    Erskine, Alison, 80.00
5  CFJ502    Millward, Josey, 70.00

Lil Rascals Barrel Racing

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFL636C    Anderson, BrookeOkotoks, AB1,140.00
2  CFPW8143    Hooper, WillowCalgary, AB495.00
3  CFL8078C    Vogt, BrennaCranbrook, AB350.00
4  CFL8043C    Young, JosieEmpress, SK195.00
5  CFL624C    Bezjack, TaydeeBowden, AB160.00
6  CFL387C    Knight, OliviaCarstairs, AB110.00
7  CFL454C    Stokke, ChloeMaple Creek, SK80.00

Novice Horse Riding

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ6856C    Lomheim, JaceHughenden, AB690.00
2  FCNHR8133    Skjonsberg, QuaideBluffton, AB380.00
3  FCHS7466    Greenslade, ClayRocky View County, AB360.00
4  CFJ503C    Sippola, HunterCardston, AB240.00
5  FCHS8132    Skjonsberg, DentenBluffton, AB195.00
6  FC19875    Scott, BrileySundre, AB155.00
7  CFJ467C    Thomson, RyattLundbreck, AB150.00
8  FCNHR19928    Albertson, DallasCrossfield, AB95.00
9  CF446C    Hale, BrodyDorothy, AB90.00
10  CF445C    Hale, DexterDorothy, AB60.00

Ranch Bronc Riding - Both

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CFJ7630C    Ritchie, Tyler, 395.00
2  CF463C    Amen, TyWrentham, AB385.00
3  CF6820C    Quiring, AustinStrathmore, AB325.00
4  CF458C    Sopran, LuizPicture Butte, AB200.00
5  CF450C    Kaack, LoganLundbreck, AB75.00
6  CF457C    Mckenzie, Ed, 65.00

Saddle Bronc

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF6500C    Schellenberg, CacheCochrane, AB390.00
2  CF6990C    Cooper, JaretVernon Bc, BC275.00
3  FC199C    Mearns , Alexander Red Deer, AB260.00
4  CF2428C    Lane, CodyLLOYDMINISTER, SK140.00
5  FC19875    Scott, BrileySundre, AB140.00
6  CF7610C    Perrin, JamesMaple Creek, SK120.00
7  CF446C    Hale, BrodyDorothy, AB120.00
8  FC19927    Albertson, CodyCrossfield, AB70.00
9  CFJ503C    Sippola, HunterCardston, AB60.00
10  FC6959    Crowchild, ChazzTsuutina, AB60.00
11  CFJ467C    Thomson, RyattLundbreck, AB50.00
12  FC1406C    Bohmer, ChanceHillcrest, AB40.00
13  CF8063C    Udal, CarterMaple Creek, SK30.00

Steer Wrestling

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF2441C    Ferguson, VaneTaber, AB390.00
2  CF2332C    Heggie, JeffCardston , AB260.00
3  FC7959    Powell, Jace *does not have rodeo countYoungstown, AB260.00
4  FC7638    Broderson, WyattTurin, AB220.00
5  CF7032C    Wilson, ReesSundre, AB195.00
6  FC7176C    MacKenzie, TyBlack Diamond, AB170.00
7  FC19625C    Fairlie, EverettLethbridge, AB160.00
8  CF970C    Statham, KellanCranbrook, AB110.00
9  CF56C    Day Chief, JakeStandoff, AB90.00
10  CF922C    Beierbach, Tate *does not have rodeo countMaple Creek, SK80.00
11  FC4043    Roch, BraydenStettler, AB80.00
12  FC7561    McPeak Young, Jace *does not have rodeo countClaresholm, AB80.00
13  FC7499    Mulhall, GregoryOlds, AB70.00
14  CF242C    Harty, ConnorEtzikom, AB70.00
15  CF2276C    Thomson, CodyMaple Creek, SK60.00
16  FC6872C    Cullum, GarrettThree Hills, AB60.00
17  CF429C    Rabbit, TuckerStandoff, AB10.00

Team Roping - Header

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF6544C    Pallesen, WaceWheatland County, AB340.00
2  CF1923C    Blake, LarrenHanna, AB320.00
3  CF1973C    Mohl, CalebHanna, AB270.00
4  CFJ203C    Williams, RylanRaymond, AB265.00
5  CF6615C    Kellett, TravisPicture Butte, AB250.00
6  CF286C    Van Gelderen, BradyHighwood, AB240.00
7  CF9032C    Herman, TomHilda, AB210.00
8  CF1909C    Webb, ColeTilley, AB190.00
9  CF7529C    Shaw, JadeCardston, AB185.00
10  FC9044C    Lapointe, CodyRed Deer, AB185.00
11  FC7959    Powell, Jace *does not have rodeo countYoungstown, AB175.00
12  CF2442C    Ferguson, DarcyTaber, AB150.00
13  FC7134    Hunter, TeeSundre, AB145.00
14  FC8414C    Lange, Sheldon *does not have rodeo countArmena, AB145.00
15  CF970C    Statham, KellanCranbrook, AB140.00
16  FC8031C    Warkentin, WalkerCalmar, AB140.00
17  CFJ2068C    Yule, CashWardlow, AB125.00
18  CF1908C    Stinnissen, CodyBrooks, AB120.00
19  CF2423C    Gillis, DanWheatland County, AB100.00
20  CF6369C    Potts, BillyBrocket , AB80.00
21  CF8115C    Thomson, BranaMAPLE CREEK, SK70.00
22  FC8035    Harms, RyanCochrane, AB70.00
23  CF510C    Palmer, Riley, 65.00
24  CF7428C    Freimark, ColinStrathmore, AB60.00
25  CF7203C    Dolgopol, KoleIrvine , AB60.00
26  CF5725C    Berreth, GarrettRockyview County, AB50.00
27  CF9038C    Morash, LaurieBassano , AB50.00
28  FCHS7378    Brink, TeaganCochrane, AB50.00
29  CF6222C    Long, HoustonWalsh, AB45.00
30  FC9132C    Miller, RyanLangdon, AB40.00
31  CF1679C    Evans, JoelHigh River, AB30.00
32  CF5563C    Morash, ClintBassano , AB30.00
33  FC6261C    Cruikshank, GregNanton, AB30.00
34  CF7799    Henson, James Rockyview County, AB20.00
35  FC7468    Anctil, TyLundbreck, AB10.00

Team Roping - Heeler

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF273C    Allan, ClayWheatland County, AB340.00
2  CF7334C    Allison, CodyGem, AB280.00
3  CF6397C    WILLIAMS, CODYMossleigh, AB275.00
4  CF1679C    Evans, JoelHigh River, AB230.00
5  CF482C    Rombough, RyanTaber, AB230.00
6  CF1924C    Perozak, MaceTaber, AB215.00
7  CF421C    Dingerville, KyleMillarville, AB210.00
8  CF7430C    Rusnack, TavisRockyview County, AB180.00
9  FCHS7958    Powell, Keldon *does not have rodeo countYoungstown, AB175.00
10  CF9031C    Herman, TyHilda, AB170.00
11  CF505C    Perry, Shody *does not have rodeo count, AB160.00
12  FC7135    Hunter, Levi Sundre, AB145.00
13  FC8415C    Lange, Braden *does not have rodeo countArmena, AB145.00
14  FC7380    Packham, ConnorWhitecourt, AB140.00
15  CF2441C    Ferguson, VaneTaber, AB130.00
16  CFJ278C    Neufeld, Kahl *does not have rodeo countDuchess, AB120.00
17  CF3122C    Scheller, Rylin *does not have rodeo countClaresholm, AB110.00
18  CF512    Webb, RoperDutchess, AB110.00
19  FC7227    Caukill, ZachRed Deer County, AB110.00
20  CF2280C    Kellett, ChasePICTURE BUTTE, AB105.00
21  CF826C    Dolgopol, ShaneIRVINE, AB100.00
22  CF605C    Plummer, Josh, 95.00
23  CF2276C    Thomson, CodyMaple Creek, SK90.00
24  FCHS8036    Harms, RileyCochrane, AB70.00
25  CF5725C    Berreth, GarrettRockyview County, AB60.00
26  CF5563C    Morash, ClintBassano , AB55.00
27  CF7428C    Freimark, ColinStrathmore, AB50.00
28  FC4043    Roch, BraydenStettler, AB50.00
29  FC7656C    Holmes, ClintRockyview County, AB50.00
30  CF6742    STUBER , AUSTINRed Cliff, AB45.00
31  FC1280C    Mick, DavidRockyview County, AB40.00
32  CF9038C    Morash, LaurieBassano , AB30.00
33  CF2049C    McNiven, ColinDutchess, AB30.00
34  FC6006C    Elnaga, TariqAirdrie, AB30.00
35  CF7433C    Kugler, FredWheatland County, AB20.00
36  FC7792    Keyowski, Shawn Okotoks, AB20.00
37  CF7801C    Beyer, BrittanyCoaldale, AB10.00
38  FC1406C    Bohmer, ChanceHillcrest, AB10.00

Tie Down Roping

PlacingCRA #NameLocationPoints
1  CF6915C    Hughson, Clark Medicine Hat, AB405.00
2  CF9031C    Herman, TyHilda, AB350.00
3  CF5725C    Berreth, GarrettRockyview County, AB300.00
4  FC8031C    Warkentin, WalkerCalmar, AB280.00
5  FCHS9920C    Van Straten, ColtStettler, AB260.00
6  CF2441C    Ferguson, VaneTaber, AB255.00
7  FC3101C    Wright, TysonLethbridge, AB220.00
8  FC7135    Hunter, Levi Sundre, AB220.00
9  CF2332C    Heggie, JeffCardston , AB175.00
10  CF2280C    Kellett, ChasePICTURE BUTTE, AB170.00
11  CF6289C    Odonnell, Cody *does not have rodeo countLETHBRIDGE, AB170.00
12  CF1679C    Evans, JoelHigh River, AB165.00
13  CF273C    Allan, ClayWheatland County, AB140.00
14  CF7203C    Dolgopol, KoleIrvine , AB130.00
15  FCHS7662    Harms, Holton *does not have rodeo countRockyview County, AB130.00
16  FC19996C    McKean, Jayce Cremona, AB110.00
17  FC7134    Hunter, TeeSundre, AB105.00
18  CF57C    Day Chief, JaytonCardston, AB90.00
19  CF922C    Beierbach, Tate *does not have rodeo countMaple Creek, SK90.00
20  CFJ2046C    Liptak, DeizelTaber, AB70.00
21  G8104C    McKean, Dusty Cremona, AB70.00
22  FC7561    McPeak Young, Jace *does not have rodeo countClaresholm, AB70.00
23  CF243C    Blades, Cole *does not have rodeo countNanton, AB70.00
24  CF7032C    Wilson, ReesSundre, AB30.00
25  CFJ433C    Reimer, RickyTaber, AB30.00

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