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Ohio High School Rodeo Association 2020 Season Standings

These standings are updated up to and including Jackson Rodeo

High School

HS Barrel Racing

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000004    Graham, ReeseStone Creek, OH73.00
2  H-OH-000050    Mullet, HadassahBaltic, OH55.00
3  H-OH-000002    Drew, TanaMalvern, OH45.00
4  H-OH-000006    Morey, MeghanMarysviille, OH40.00
5  H-OH-000029    Huffman, AlexisSistersville, WV38.00
6  H-OH-000049    Baggett, MackenzieAshville, OH32.00
7  H-OH-000062    Coulter, Candy JoByesville, OH24.00
8  H-OH-000090    Waters, MakaylaCambridge, OH19.00
9  H-OH-000003    Barth, IzabellaGeorgetown, PA16.00
10  H-OH-000048    Salyer, CassieFranklin, OH16.00
11  H-OH-000096    Ralicki, JuliaEighty Four, PA16.00
12  H-OH-000088    Wonner, LexiPetersburg, OH12.00
13  H-OH-000057    Davis, LainieTitusville, PA10.00
14  H-OH-000014    McBride, ZoeyPerrysville, OH10.00
15  H-OH-000072    Steele, AlyssaAmanda, OH8.00
16  H-OH-000080    Winkleman, JaricaPleasant City, OH8.00
17  H-OH-000070    Donehue, GraceSherrodsville, OH5.00
18  H-OH-000082    Leek, IsabellaSalem, OH4.00
19  H-OH-000092    Ralicki, HannaEighty Four, PA4.00
20  H-OH-000085    Tupps, MakalyaCenterburg, OH3.00
21  H-OH-000034    McKown, RileyCalwell, OH2.00
30  H-OH-000089    Loughner, AubrieNew alexandria, PA0.00

HS Girls Pole Bending

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000006    Morey, MeghanMarysviille, OH50.00
2  H-OH-000072    Steele, AlyssaAmanda, OH46.00
3  H-OH-000029    Huffman, AlexisSistersville, WV45.00
4  H-OH-000050    Mullet, HadassahBaltic, OH43.00
5  H-OH-000062    Coulter, Candy JoByesville, OH38.00
6  H-OH-000002    Drew, TanaMalvern, OH36.00
7  H-OH-000080    Winkleman, JaricaPleasant City, OH36.00
8  H-OH-000004    Graham, ReeseStone Creek, OH31.00
9  H-OH-000003    Barth, IzabellaGeorgetown, PA20.00
10  H-OH-000036    Palmer, KendallHebron, OH19.00
11  H-OH-000086    Cunningham, DylanRushville, OH19.00
12  H-OH-000090    Waters, MakaylaCambridge, OH19.00
13  H-OH-000088    Wonner, LexiPetersburg, OH12.00
14  H-OH-000096    Ralicki, JuliaEighty Four, PA11.00
15  H-OH-000048    Salyer, CassieFranklin, OH5.00
16  H-OH-000034    McKown, RileyCalwell, OH4.00
17  H-OH-000052    Molesky, KamiCambridge, OH3.00
18  H-OH-000070    Donehue, GraceSherrodsville, OH1.00
19  H-OH-000063    Beerman, AllieColumbus, OH1.00
20  H-OH-000089    Loughner, AubrieNew alexandria, PA1.00

HS Girls Breakaway

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000002    Drew, TanaMalvern, OH41.00
2  H-OH-000050    Mullet, HadassahBaltic, OH31.00
3  H-OH-000013    Coulter, CharlyByesville, OH28.00
4  H-OH-000071    Cummings, JoleeHillsboro, OH21.00
5  H-OH-000080    Winkleman, JaricaPleasant City, OH20.00
6  H-OH-000022    Wyant, EmmaLisbon, OH19.00
7  H-OH-000009    Woltz, KyndallBremen, OH18.00
8  H-OH-000004    Graham, ReeseStone Creek, OH18.00
9  H-OH-000072    Steele, AlyssaAmanda, OH16.00
10  H-OH-000047    Mast, MadisonJeromesville, OH14.00
11  H-OH-000089    Loughner, AubrieNew alexandria, PA9.00
12  H-OH-000034    McKown, RileyCalwell, OH8.00
13  H-OH-000038    Rupp, AlexandraGoshen, OH8.00
14  H-OH-000096    Ralicki, JuliaEighty Four, PA7.00

HS Girls Goat Tying

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000002    Drew, TanaMalvern, OH66.00
2  H-OH-000022    Wyant, EmmaLisbon, OH57.00
3  H-OH-000072    Steele, AlyssaAmanda, OH42.00
4  H-OH-000009    Woltz, KyndallBremen, OH38.00
5  H-OH-000013    Coulter, CharlyByesville, OH37.00
6  H-OH-000050    Mullet, HadassahBaltic, OH34.00
7  H-OH-000047    Mast, MadisonJeromesville, OH32.00
8  H-OH-000034    McKown, RileyCalwell, OH31.00
9  H-OH-000004    Graham, ReeseStone Creek, OH29.00
10  H-OH-000088    Wonner, LexiPetersburg, OH28.00
11  H-OH-000084    Knallay, CassidyMidland, PA14.00
12  H-OH-000080    Winkleman, JaricaPleasant City, OH12.00
13  H-OH-000086    Cunningham, DylanRushville, OH9.00
14  H-OH-000089    Loughner, AubrieNew alexandria, PA5.00
15  H-OH-000048    Salyer, CassieFranklin, OH3.00
16  H-OH-000057    Davis, LainieTitusville, PA2.00
17  H-OH-000038    Rupp, AlexandraGoshen, OH1.00

HS Team Roping - Header

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000078    Joseph, GusCasstown, OH30.00
2  H-OH-000009    Woltz, KyndallBremen, OH10.00
3  H-OH-000022    Wyant, EmmaLisbon, OH10.00
4  H-OH-000046    Drake, ClaytonChandlersville, OH10.00
5  H-OH-000018    Crist, PrestonSt. Henry, OH9.00
6  H-OH-000032    Miley, IsaacSarahville, OH9.00

HS Team Roping - Heeler

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000060    Corzatt, EvanLeesburg, OH30.00
2  H-OH-000002    Drew, TanaMalvern, OH10.00
3  H-OH-000079    Schaad, BradyCumberland, OH10.00
4  H-OH-000053    Forman, ChaseGoshen, OH10.00
5  H-OH-000031    Miley, GarrettSarahsville, OH9.00
6  H-OH-000076    Smitley, GeorgeUhrichsville, OH9.00

HS Tie Down

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000030    Larrick, OwenLeesburg, OH49.00
2  H-OH-000060    Corzatt, EvanLeesburg, OH47.00
3  H-OH-000076    Smitley, GeorgeUhrichsville, OH42.00
4  H-OH-000018    Crist, PrestonSt. Henry, OH37.00
5  H-OH-000053    Forman, ChaseGoshen, OH36.00
6  H-OH-000079    Schaad, BradyCumberland, OH34.00
7  H-OH-000026    Dimmerling, ElijahQuaker City, OH25.00
8  H-OH-000046    Drake, ClaytonChandlersville, OH14.00
9  H-OH-000078    Joseph, GusCasstown, OH13.00

HS Bull Riding

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000033    Fryer, ChanceSalem, OH36.00
2  H-OH-000055    Walling, DaltonCarrollton, OH29.00
3  H-OH-000065    Tullius, IsaiahBeverly, OH10.00
4  H-OH-000074    DiFilippo, GiuseppeSpring Church, PA8.00

Steer Wrestling

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-MI-000025    White, AydenAdrian, MI74.00
2  H-OH-000033    Fryer, ChanceSalem, OH46.00
3  H-OH-000076    Smitley, GeorgeUhrichsville, OH30.00


PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000076    Smitley, GeorgeUhrichsville, OH59.00
2  H-OH-000033    Fryer, ChanceSalem, OH10.00

Saddle Bronc Riding

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000076    Smitley, GeorgeUhrichsville, OH10.00

HS Light Rifle

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000019    Watson, JaxonMarysville, OH35.50
2  H-OH-000078    Joseph, GusCasstown, OH34.00
3  H-OH-000073    Houin, GarrettLakeville, OH26.00
4  H-OH-000032    Miley, IsaacSarahville, OH20.00
5  H-OH-000045    Banister, KaydeLisbon, OH19.00
6  H-OH-000031    Miley, GarrettSarahsville, OH16.50

HS Trap Shooting

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  H-OH-000019    Watson, JaxonMarysville, OH19.00
2  H-OH-000073    Houin, GarrettLakeville, OH15.00
3  H-OH-000045    Banister, KaydeLisbon, OH14.00
4  H-OH-000032    Miley, IsaacSarahville, OH10.00
5  H-OH-000078    Joseph, GusCasstown, OH9.00
6  H-OH-000031    Miley, GarrettSarahsville, OH7.00

Junior High

JH Barrel Racing

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000021    Corsi, MadisonNewark, OH60.00
2  J-OH-000023    Stillion, LolaPerrysville, OH60.00
3  J-OH-000011    Wears, CarlieLancaster, OH59.00
4  J-OH-000031    Thompson, KaylynnLeesburg, OH54.00
5  J-OH-000026    Phillips, TaylorAmanda, OH48.00
6  J-OH-000004    Saint, LexieOrient, OH38.00
7  J-OH-000033    Todd, ReeseBellville, OH29.00
8  J-OH-000009    Nussbaum, GabrielleDalton, OH28.00
9  J-OH-000035    Rowe, CarolineOrient, OH26.00
10  J-OH-000016    Reynolds, MadiganDalton, OH15.00
11  J-OH-000024    Zimmerman, PeytonGreenfield, OH15.00
12  J-OH-000032    Thompson, LylaPleasant City, OH7.00

JH Pole Bending

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000023    Stillion, LolaPerrysville, OH57.00
2  J-OH-000011    Wears, CarlieLancaster, OH53.00
3  J-OH-000004    Saint, LexieOrient, OH52.00
4  J-OH-000021    Corsi, MadisonNewark, OH41.00
5  J-OH-000031    Thompson, KaylynnLeesburg, OH34.00
6  J-OH-000016    Reynolds, MadiganDalton, OH33.00
7  J-OH-000033    Todd, ReeseBellville, OH32.00
8  J-OH-000009    Nussbaum, GabrielleDalton, OH30.00
9  J-OH-000026    Phillips, TaylorAmanda, OH29.00
10  J-OH-000035    Rowe, CarolineOrient, OH24.00
11  J-OH-000024    Zimmerman, PeytonGreenfield, OH8.00
12  J-OH-000032    Thompson, LylaPleasant City, OH4.00

JH Girls Breakaway Roping

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000005    Cummings, PaigeHillsboro, OH10.00
2  J-OH-000021    Corsi, MadisonNewark, OH10.00

JH Boys Breakaway

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000008    Wines, ClayWashington Court House, OH30.00
2  J-OH-000027    Gardner, WesleyCaldwell, OH20.00

JH Girls Goat Tying

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000005    Cummings, PaigeHillsboro, OH70.00
2  J-OH-000033    Todd, ReeseBellville, OH66.00
3  J-OH-000031    Thompson, KaylynnLeesburg, OH65.00
4  J-OH-000021    Corsi, MadisonNewark, OH41.00
5  J-OH-000024    Zimmerman, PeytonGreenfield, OH32.00
6  J-OH-000016    Reynolds, MadiganDalton, OH27.00
7  J-OH-000004    Saint, LexieOrient, OH13.00
8  J-OH-000026    Phillips, TaylorAmanda, OH12.00
9  J-OH-000032    Thompson, LylaPleasant City, OH6.00

JH Boys Goat Tying

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000001    Cummings, CadeHillsboro, OH66.00
2  J-OH-000022    East, MatthewBlanchester, OH65.00
3  J-OH-000014    Gardner, OwenCaldwell, OH46.00
4  J-OH-000008    Wines, ClayWashington Court House, OH46.00
5  J-OH-000037    Schaad, JackCumberland, OH33.00
6  J-OH-000027    Gardner, WesleyCaldwell, OH30.00
7  J-OH-000007    Cummings, WyattHillsboro, OH23.00

JH Team Roping - Header

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000027    Gardner, WesleyCaldwell, OH10.00
2  J-OH-000014    Gardner, OwenCaldwell, OH10.00

JH Team Roping - Heeler

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000001    Cummings, CadeHillsboro, OH10.00
2  J-OH-000005    Cummings, PaigeHillsboro, OH10.00

Ribbon Roping - Roper

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000014    Gardner, OwenCaldwell, OH47.00
2  J-OH-000001    Cummings, CadeHillsboro, OH30.00
3  J-OH-000028    Kingry, MaddoxPlain City, OH18.00
4  J-OH-000022    East, MatthewBlanchester, OH17.00
5  J-OH-000027    Gardner, WesleyCaldwell, OH9.00

Ribbon Roping - Runner

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000005    Cummings, PaigeHillsboro, OH47.00
2  J-OH-000033    Todd, ReeseBellville, OH30.00
3  J-OH-000026    Phillips, TaylorAmanda, OH18.00
4  J-OH-000031    Thompson, KaylynnLeesburg, OH17.00
5  J-OH-000021    Corsi, MadisonNewark, OH9.00

JH Tie Down

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000014    Gardner, OwenCaldwell, OH48.00
2  J-OH-000001    Cummings, CadeHillsboro, OH19.00
3  J-OH-000022    East, MatthewBlanchester, OH19.00
4  J-OH-000028    Kingry, MaddoxPlain City, OH9.00

JH Bull Riding

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000027    Gardner, WesleyCaldwell, OH10.00

JH Chute Dogging

PlacingOHHSRA #NameLocationPoints
1  J-OH-000008    Wines, ClayWashington Court House, OH60.00
2  J-OH-000022    East, MatthewBlanchester, OH27.00

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